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Renew your membership before April 1, 2017 to avoid late fees and to assure your points are tabulated. New Members may join at any time during the season.


5/23/17 - The MCRA Points through Hastings are now posted.


5/23/17 - The Hasting 2017 Canoe Race & Walk For a Cure Results are posted.


5/22/17 - The May MCRA Newsletter is now posted.


5/15/17 - The Roscommon Canoe Classic Results are posted.


5/3/17 - Here is a link to the April MCRA Board and Membership Meeting Minutes


4/10/17 - Updated: A list of current MCRA Members (PDF Document) for the 2017 season. Have you paid your MCRA membership dues yet?


4/6/17 - The 2017 MCRA Canoer's Memorial Monument Induction Ceremony will be held on August 20, 2017, 2:00 p.m. Details on the ceremony can be found on Canoer's Memorial Monument page.


4/3/17 - The Klondike, Oscoda Results are posted.


3/26/17 - The MCRA Board will be meeting April 1st at Tate restaurant in Oscoda at 10 am. The 2017 race schedule, youth events, and state championship races will be addressed. Share your input with a board member. Our goal is to represent and plan according to your input.


1/10/17 - The Tentative 2017 MCRA Race Schedule is now posted.


11/28/16 - MCRA Board of Directors will meet Sunday December 4th to plan for 2017 season. We encourage all paddlers and race directors to share suggestions, concerns, new venues with us to discuss. Email -
Lynne Witte, Pete Mead, Rebecca Davis, Cheryl Lucey, Tom Cannon, Bob Bradford, Sean Brabant, Chris Hewitt, Mike Davis, Weston Willoughby, Dwight Walker


10/30/16 - Congratulations to our MCRA Points and Awards winners. Thank you to everyone for a great 2016 season!


10/30/16 - Voting for the MCRA 2017 Board of Directors is now closed. Thank you to everyone that participated.


10/8/16 - The Final MCRA Points are now posted.


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