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9/1/14 - Voting for the MCRA Annual Awards is now open. Place your vote here. Only one vote per member please. Voting closes 9/8/14.


8/27/14 - Mio "First Dam" Results are posted.


7/29/14 - This Sunday please join family and friends as MCRA honors 13 paddlers whose names will be added to the Canoer's Memorial Monument overlooking the high banks of the AuSable River near Oscoda. A very special service begins at 2pm Sunday, Aug 3. Chairs will be set up under a tent.

Paddlers to be honored.

Jack Kent, Jay Stephan Sr.,I Rolland Batdorff, James C Allen, Jeffrey A Allen, Donald L Allen, Gerald R Yotkois, Tracy Hubbell, John Hugus, Pierre Lapointe, Carl Lenarsic, Jeff Kellogg, Jay Stephan Jr.


7/29/14 - Updated C1 Paddler Ratings (PDF File) through Spikes. Compiled by Lauren Chapple.


7/29/14 - Clinton River Canoe Classic Results are posted.


7/20/14 - Spikes Challenge Race Results are posted.


7/17/14 - Updated C1 Paddler Ratings (PDF File). Compiled by Lauren Chapple.


7/14/14 - Curley Memorial Canoe Race Results are posted.


7/10/14 - Updated: A list of current MCRA Members (PDF Document) for the 2014 season.


6/23/14 - Updated C1 Paddler Ratings (PDF File). Compiled by Lauren Chapple.


6/23/14 - Newaygo Power Paddle Race Results are posted.


6/17/14 - Updated C1 Paddler Ratings (PDF File). Compiled by Lauren Chapple.


6/17/14 - Huron River Canoe Challenge Race Results are posted.


6/15/14 - The June MCRA Newsletter is now posted.


6/9/14 - Check out the C1 Paddler Ratings (PDF File) compiled by Lauren Chapple.


6/9/14 - Alcona Dam Challenge Race Results are posted.


6/1/14 - Port Huron Race Results are posted.


5/23/14 - The 2014 MCRA Canoers Memorial Monument Induction Ceremony will be held on August 3, 2014, 2:00 p.m. More details on the ceremony will be added soon. If there are any questions please contact Bob or Lynne.


5/18/14 - Legend and past canoe champion, Jeff Kellogg passed away May 18, 2014.


5/11/14 - Be sure to check out the Race Schedule page. Lots of information on our upcoming races!

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