1954. Hank Feldhauser, Sr. (in back) and John Stephan (in front). "Really Digging in, trying to catch the canoe ahead"
1954. Hank Feldhauser, Sr. (in back) and John Stephan (in front). "Getting ready to shove off."

1954. Bernie Fowler, John Stephan, Hank Feldhauser, Don Feldhauser. Bernie and Don placed 1st, Hank and John placed 3rd.

MCRA Canoer's Memorial Monument

The Canoer's Monument was created in 1968 to honor canoe racers and supporters of the AuSable Canoe Marathon.

Here is a link to a list of people currently honored on the Canoer's Memorial Monument

Visiting the Monument

Click here for driving directions to the Monument via Google Maps

History of the Monument

A History of the MCRA Canoer's Memorial Monument
by Karen Rouse, Oscoda Press, February 8, 2006

Nomination Information

The Canoers' Memorial Monument Committee is accepting nominations. The annual deadline for nominations is March 15. Details on requirements and Committee contact information is available on the form.


Download - Nomination Induction Form (PDF Format, 356 KB)

Information about the most recent induction ceremony

The 2014 MCRA Canoers Memorial Monument Induction Ceremony

August 3, 2014, 2:00 p.m.

Ceremony at Monument

Please join family and friends as MCRA honors 13 paddlers whose names will be added to the Canoer's Memorial Monument overlooking the high banks of the AuSable River near Oscoda. A very special service begins at 2pm Sunday, Aug 3. Chairs will be set up under a tent.

Paddlers to be honored.

Jack Kent, Jay Stephan Sr.,I Rolland Batdorff, James C Allen, Jeffrey A Allen, Donald L Allen, Gerald R Yotkois, Tracy Hubbell, John Hugus, Pierre Lapointe, Carl Lenarsic, Jeff Kellogg, Jay Stephan Jr.

If there are any questions please contact Bob or Lynne.

Bob Bradford, 810-664-8005,
Lynne Witte, 586-783-5654,


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